The Way of the Craftsman (2017)


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“Drawing upon Renaissance philosophy, kabbalistic mysticism, and Jungian psychology, The Way of the Craftsman explores the symbolism and ceremony of the Masonic lodge in a profound and effective manner. With new illustrations, amended annotations, and a special Foreword by Masonic scholar Shawn Eyer, this new edition is designed to bring fresh insight to a new generation of Freemasons and those curious about Freemasonry.

About the Author:
W. Kirk MacNulty’s experience in Freemasonry spans more than fifty years. He is a Past Master of lodges in England and the United States, and the author of several notable books about the philosophy and culture of the Masonic Order.

“”Tools worthy for any Mason’s labors can be found on every page of the Deluxe Edition of Bro. Kirk MacNulty’s The Way of the Craftsman. The original edition proved to be a watershed for contemporary interpretations of Masonic ritual that are historically sound while also penetrating into the greatest psychological and spiritual depths. The Deluxe Edition honors that achievement by making his unassuming brilliance more accessible to a new generation of Masons, many of whom have come to the Craft seeking just this sort of light.””
Chuck Dunning, author of Contemplative Masonry”

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