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Secret Handshakes and Rolled-Up Trouser Legs: The Secrets of Freemasonry: Fact and Fiction by Richard Gan.

There have been books written in the past purporting to expose the secrets of Freemasonry. By and large, these have been written by non-Masons, and have generally been somewhat negative and antagonistic toward Freemasons and Freemasonry, missing critical nuances and making unjustified assumptions. There have also been books written by Freemasons aimed primarily at new Freemasons, as an introduction to Freemasonry, and as such have tended to go over the heads of non-Masons. This book is written by a Freemason specifically for the non-Mason. It does not set out in any way to proselytize, nor does it attempt to justify the case for Freemasonry or to try and make Freemasonry more acceptable or sanitized. The format is encyclopedic, laid out in alphabetical order, so the reader can dip in and out on an eclectic basis. It is predominantly aimed at the non-Mason, but will be of considerable interest to all Freemasons.

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