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G. Washington: Master Mason by Allen E. Roberts

Of the many books written about George Washington, this is one of the few which approaches the man from a human interest standpoint.

Here we learn what the man was really like; how his friends, neighbors, soldiers, and statesmen regarded him. The author has let Washington tell his own story. His own words, as he wrote them at the time, are used throughout this story of his life.

From his birth to his death, we learn what influenced Washington. We find that he was far ahead of his time in many, many areas. Those who have checked the manuscript for accuracy have learned things about Washington they never knew before. Mr. Roberts has researched and read hundreds of letters and volumes to bring the real G. Washington back to life.

The book is divided into three parts: Youth, Manhood, and Old Age. It is fully illustrated, and many of the drawings and pictures have never before been published. Five of the sketches are original drawings.

The appendices cover other facets of the life of Washington that are little known. They include monuments, medals, academic honors, municipal and fraternal honors, his Masonic activities, a list of the “”Founding Fathers”” who were Freemason, a bibliography, and a comprehensive index”