• You must first purchase individual tickets via Mount Vernon’s website.
  • AW22 will contact you once you have purchased tickets for Lodge participation.


  • Dress code for all participants is a coat and tie.
  • Masons may wear their Masonic regalia. It is important to note that Virginia Lodges have received special dispensation from the Grand Master to wear regalia. If your Grand Lodge requires separate approval, please obtain it beforehand.

Procession Formation:

  • Lodges and Grand Lodges are permitted and strongly encouraged to carry gonfalons (tall, upright banners) at the head of their contingent (FLAG SIZE ONLY). Horizontal banners are not allowed in the processional.
  • Prior to the event, each participating group will be assigned a number indicating their marching order. On the day of the event, look for markers with your assigned number to find your designated staging area. A volunteer will guide you to the staging point.


  • We are representing Freemasonry to the public during this solemn event. Please conduct yourselves with the utmost respect and decorum, as befits a ceremony honoring our distinguished Brother George Washington.

Order of March:

The processional will proceed in the following order:

  1. First Virginia Regiment and Color Guard: Leading the way, they will set the tone for the procession.
  2. Individual Grand Lodges: Grand Lodges will lead their jurisdiction’s delegation. States will be organized in order according to their date of admissions into the Union.
  3. Subordinate Lodges: Each subordinate lodge will march in its assigned order, following the Grand Lodge of their state.
  4. Repeat: This sequence (Grand Lodges followed by the Subordinate Lodge) will continue until all participating lodges have marched and are seated.
  5. Grand Lodge of Virginia: The Grand Lodge will conclude the processional then begin the ceremony.