Over the years, several historical anecdotes and other documents of interest have been compiled by Lodge historians. The following is a collection of these documents for those interested in the rich history of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22.

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Alexandria Washington Lodge #22Lodge Anecdotes Presented by RW Claude Harris

Anecdote Introduction Letter.
Anecdote 1:

What is the correct name of our lodge?

Anecdote 1 Q&A 1:

Response by RW Claude Harris.

Anecdote 1 Q&A 2:

Clarification by RW Claude Harris.

Anecdote 1 Q&A 3:

Response by RW G. C. Canard, Jr.

Anecdote 2 Past Masters' Portraits.
Anecdote 2 Q&A 1:

Explanation by Art Pierson.

Anecdote 3: How many Masters have presided over the lodge?
Anecdote 3 Q&A 1:


Anecdote 4: Robert Adam - Our Founding Father.
Anecdote 5: Washington and Freemasonry.
Anecdote 5 Q&A 1:

Clarification by RW Claude Harris.

Anecdote 6: Lodge No. 39's "Laws".
Anecdote 7: Why does AW22 receive free housing in the G.W.M.M.?
Anecdote 7 Q&A 1:

Clarification by RW Claude Harris.

Anecdote 7 Q&A 2:

Question raised by Wor. John Nicholson and response by RW Claude Harris

Anecdote 8: The Pennsylvania Warrant by RW Claude Harris.

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This document was originally written as a companion guide to the numbered artifacts that were in our Lodge Museum in Old Town Alexandria. Submitted by M.W. Donald M. Robey, PGM (1987) for digitization on the Lodge Website from the possessions of Brother C. Maynard Robey, past Tiler of our Lodge.

Original document images can also be viewed for comparison. They have been saved in JPEG format.

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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 1783-1788 Prepared by MW Don Robey, PGM (Va 1987)

A thesis by RW Claude Harris:

Esoteric Symbolism of the