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Ahiman: A Review of Masonic Culture & Tradition edited by Shawn Eyer

Ahiman is a new periodical anthology of Masonic writing, offering a serious exploration of the rich initiatic traditions of Freemasonry. Edited by Masonic scholar and George Washington Masonic Memorial staff member Shawn Eyer, Ahiman is dedicated to stimulating scholarship, penetrating interpretation and inspiring creative expressions focused upon the history, rituals, symbolism, iconography, and philosophy of Freemasonry. Carefully researched and lavishly produced, each edition of Ahiman offers important offers important material of interest to Freemasons and other studies of Western esoteric traditions.

This volume features original work by Thomas D. Worrel, David Stafford, Robert G. Davis, Erik Arneson, Adam G. Kendall, Erik O’Neal, Greg Maier, Mounir Hanafi, and Shawn Eyer, as well as insights from classic authors such as Joseph Fort Newton, Laurence Dermott, Thomas Starr King, and W. L. Wilmshurst”