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The George Washington Replica Lodge Room in the GWMNM

May 1999

Master's Message

My Brethren:

As expected, this year has proven to be a very busy, but productive and enjoyable year. With the 2ooth commemoration of George Washington's death, many exciting programs and activities are planned. The success of these events rest solely on your participation. As the world commemorates the death of this great American and Mason, they will see Alexandria-Washington Lodge, because we were such an important part of his life and attended to his needs during and after his death. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to educate the world about our great craft. Support your Lodge and be a part of this exciting year.

At our Stated Communication on June 10, we will be holding a Joint Communication with Andrew Jackson Lodge and Cherrydale the North Lodge Room. This Joint Communication is to honor Most Worshipful Stewart Wilson Miner, Past Grand Master of Masons in Virginia. Many of the Grand Lodge Officers of Virginia and D.C. will be in attendance.

On June 26, the Grand Lodge will dedicate the Masonic Emblem in front of the Memorial. As many as 10,000 masons may be in attendance. As the lodge that created the memorial, we need to play an important role in this event. We need your assistance in staffing the lodge room and gift shops for that weekend. Please contact me if you are able to assist.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Michael P. Bible
Worshipful Master


TRANSPORTATION: Contact our Chairman, Brother Terry L. Gigure (703) 360-6177 whenever you need a ride to Lodge events. Brother Gigure will be happy to try to assist you in your transportation needs.

BLOOD: Contact our Chairman, Brother Robert C. Tidwell (703) 250-3216 whenever you or someone you encourage gives blood or platelets. What better charity than to give the gift that can save lives.

SICK: Contact our Chairman, Wor. Bro. Frank R. Dunaway (703) 548-0318 regarding any sick and distressed brethren. The following brethren are in our thoughts and prayers: Bro. Harold S. Colen; RW William H. Consula; and RW Robert C. Swiger

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
The George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Post Office Box 4330
Alexandria, Virginia 22303-0330
Memorial Phone: (703) 683-2007 - -Lodge Phone: (703) 549-9234


Day Time Activity
Sat 5/1/99 1:00 pm VISITING LODGE: Palestine-Roxborough Lodge No 135 Philadelphia
Tue 5/6/99 7:00 pm TRUSTEES MEETING
Sat 5/8/99 6:46 pm LADIES NIGHT: William L. Elkins Lodge No. 646 Philadelphia, Pa.
Sun 5/9/99   MOTHERS DAY: No Lodge Ritual School
Thu 5/13/99 7:30 pm STATED COMMUNICATION: Heroes of 76 "Flag Ceremony"
Sat 5/15/99 7:00 pm YOUTH NIGHT: Grand Guardian visit to Bethel 22 -Lodge Room
Mon 5/17/99 7:00 pm CALLED COMMUNICATION: FC Degree
Tue 5/18/99 7:00 pm ARCHIVES MEETING
Sat 5/22/99 3:00 pm VISITING LODGE: Phillips Lodge No. 337 Monongahela, Pa.
Wed 5/26/99 7:00 pm DISTRICT RITUAL SCHOOL: Alexandria-Washington Lodge No.22
Thu 5/27/99 7:30 pm STATED COMMUNICATION: The Lodge of Washington
Sun 5/30/99   MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: No Lodge Ritual School

STATED COMMUNICATIONS - held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month except Thanksgiving; the observance of George Washington's birthday, and the Installation of Officers on Saint John's Day. December 27.

CALLED COMMUNICATIONS - first Monday of each month will be an EA Called Communication; third Monday of each month will be a FC Called Communication, unless otherwise noted in the trestleboard.

LODGE RITUAL SCHOOL - Conducted each Sunday evening at 7:00 pm Unless otherwise noted in the Trestleboard.

YOUTH MEETINGS AT GWMNM - Alexandria-Washington Chapter, Order of DeMolay meets the first and third Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in the North Lodge Room; Bethel No. 22. I.O.J.D. meets the first and third Sundays at 6:00 p.m in the North Lodge Room.

CATECHISM INSTRUCTION - Sunday's at 7:00 p.m. in the Lodge Room unless otherwise noted in the Trestleboard.