In Memory of our Departed Past Master

Worshipful Hugh Strother Smith

In Memoriam

Hugh Strother Smith
November 26, 1935 - October 23, 1997

Initiated: June 17, 1962
Passed: October 17, 1963
Raised: December 5, 1963
Served as Master: 1973

Worshipful Hugh Strother Smith dedicated his life to living the Masonic principles we are taught to emulate. Those of us who were fortunate enough to know Hugh will always remember his smile, genuine demeanor, and willingness to help with any task that needed to be undertaken.

Hugh's management skill and foresight were invaluable in the operation of the Lodge Gift Shop. While under his care, the Lodge Gift Shop flourished into a viable asset for the Lodge.

Dozens of Masons have benefited from Hugh's knowledge of the ritual. He gave countless hours to candidates learning the catechisms, officers learning ritual for their time in the East, and those who just wanted to learn a part. His ritual instruction always came with the added bonus of Hugh's vast wisdom of Masonry and knowledge of the Lodge he loved - Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22. Hugh's pursuit of a Gold Card is testament to his affection for the ritual.

But most of all, Hugh was a brother and friend to those who knew him.