In Memory of our Departed Past Master

Worshipful Harold Ralph Cumbee

In Memoriam

Harold Ralph Cumbee
January 11, 1916 - December 21, 1999

Initiated: December 15, 1958
Passed: March 5, 1958
Raised: May 28, 1959
Served as Master: 1968

Worshipful Harold Cumbee was a gentle man, soft spoken and a true Mason. You could not help loving this man from Kentucky. He never denied a request from anyone wanting to learn ritual, lectures, or ceremonies. A deep void in the loss of so great and good a man will be hard to fill. He is surely worthy of emulation by all that survive him.

Worshipful Brother Callahan wrote: "Having known Harold and Bertha it is difficult to imagine AW 22 without him. I remember when I became Jr Deacon, I had decided that I wanted to learn everything. I approached Harold who agreed to be my coach. I wanted to start with the funeral service for some reason. Harold and I went down to our summer place at Deltaville for a weekend just before the Masonic school at Blacksburg. We stayed up half the night, the next day on my sailboat, and the long drive across Virginia to Blacksburg going over and over the funeral service. We even worked on it at the school. It was not until I had it letter perfect did Harold tell me that the funeral service was written. I shall never forget my dear fiend and coach."

We all will miss the kindness and unimposing Masonic attitude of Wor. Bro. Cumbee.