In Memory of our Departed Past Master

Worshipful Lawrence Melvin "Skip" Callahan

In Memoriam

Lawrence Melvin "Skip" Callahan
August 21, 1926 - January 14, 2001

Initiated: June 28, 1954
Passed: September 30, 1954
Raised: November 11, 1954
Served as Master: 1983

Worshipful Skip Callahan was a wonderful Mason who loved Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22. He was also blessed as a skilled solo singer, and was called upon by ministers at many local churches to sing at both weddings and funerals. Worshipful Callahan sang at the first "public" installation of officers during the installation of Most Worshipful Don Robey as Master of Alexandria-Washington Lodge - a memory held dear by Most Worshipful Robey, and by those who were present.

Worshipful Callahan served as Master during the 200th Anniversary year of the Lodge in 1983. Prior to becoming Master, Skip served as the Lodge Education Officer.

Most Worshipful Don Robey recalls that every candidate raised in 1983, and many afterward, received the "Canadian Charge" delivered by Worshipful Skip in a most eloquent manner.

Most Worshipful Robey and Worshipful Callahan, and their family members kept in constant touch via e-mail. Skip was always sending trivia of some kind with every e-mail he sent. Most Worshipful Robey relates: "When my counterpart in William L. Elkins Lodge died last fall, Doris, my Dad, and I went down to Watchapreague for his funeral and met Skip and Katheryn in Salisbury for Lunch. I took a picture of Skip and Katheryn with my Dad outside of the restaurant. It was the last time I saw Skip and we cherish that picture."

Worshipful Brother Callahan's presence will not soon be forgotten; he will live long in our hearts!